Girl on a mission

Exo: Outside Geo: Earth

ExoGeo is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, vocalist, and producer Rebecca Kathryn Perez. Based in Seattle, Perez creates compelling original music that blends indie, experimental, industrial, and dance DNA into tracks that have been compared to Nine Inch Nails, Mazzy Star, and Grimes. She writes songs about things like the afterlife, summoning the Devil, and hearing voices, speaking for people unable to speak for themselves. Perez is fearlessly creative and embraces her individuality in a much more profound way than most musicians, which gives her work an inimitable, iconoclastic sensibility few can match.


ExoGeo tracks consist of Perez performing on guitar and bass, singing, creating weird computer sounds, and employing an occasional sample. All of this gets assembled on her laptop in her living room, a workflow that gives her a level of control unattainable in an outside studio. The result of all this is psychedelic, urban, electronic music that exists in a space of its own. ExoGeo is one of the most important emerging projects on the West Coast and represents one possibility for the future of music that dares to push beyond the mainstream. Deep thinkers and psychic travelers are encouraged to investigate.